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News Scan for Jan 20, 2021
COVID ICU deaths in first waveCoronavirus self-test motivationAvian flu in 3 countries
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Most Americans want vaccine as nation tops 400,000 COVID deaths
Stephanie Soucheray | News Reporter | CIDRAP NewsJan 19, 2021More than 60% of Americans prioritize public health over the economy.
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US needs national COVID ‘smart testing’ strategy, APHL says
Lianna Matt McLernon | News Writer | CIDRAP NewsJan 19, 2021The report aims to strengthen COVID-19 response now as well
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Crowded ICUs tied to higher risk of COVID-19 death
Mary Van Beusekom | News Writer | CIDRAP NewsJan 19, 2021The risk of death was 2 to 3 times higher,
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Hospitals in Americas, Europe under growing strain of COVID-19
Lisa Schnirring | News Editor | CIDRAP NewsJan 19, 2021The world added more than 2 million new COVID-19 cases in
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