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WHO releases new guidance on integrating mental health in radiological and nuclear emergency response
<p></p><p>The <em>Framework for mental health and psychosocial support in radiological and nuclear&nbsp;</em><em>emergencies, released today,</em> brings together, for the first time,
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Every move counts towards better health – says WHO
Up to 5 million deaths a year could be averted if the global population was more active. At a time
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Less than 10% of Americans had COVID by September, study finds
Chris Dall | News Reporter | CIDRAP NewsNov 25, 2020Through Sep 24, the CDC says, seroprevalence rates ranged from 0%
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Studies find no COVID benefit for preventive hydroxychloroquine or for convalescent plasma
Mary Van Beusekom | News Writer | CIDRAP NewsNov 25, 2020″There are no compelling data to suggest that hydroxychloroquine is
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Pace of global COVID-19 rise slows, but deaths still climbing
Lisa Schnirring | News Editor | CIDRAP NewsNov 25, 2020For the first time since the start of the pandemic, the
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